Will Transhumanism be a Threat to the Human Race?

The transhumanists believe in the philosophy that humans should be able to live forever. With the research being done in this regard, this is drawing a lot of criticism from the critics who believe it is technology that only the super rich can afford and it will eventually be the end of the humankind as we know it.

If you are a transhumanist then you believe that the human race has a great threat of being wiped out by man-made technology, such as nuclear weapons, the artificial intelligence, biological weapons to name just a few. So how can transhumanism threaten humans?

Firstly if the technology remains very expensive, it will limit the number of people that can be a part of the super-rich who can afford to pay for the upgrading of the human being. It could create a system of mass exploitation and give them the power to rule the world. In all human developments, from reproducing replicas from DNA to transhumanism, the question of religious spirituality needs to be considered. Without having spirituality, compassion and kindness that make up the human being, humanity is dead.

Transhumanistic technology can be used to be in control of other fellow humans, like using the chip technology that is taken by humans through medicine and can be used as a method of monitoring the drug dosage of the humans; but it can also have alternative reasons, like mass policing. There could even be further ulterior motives and making humans thinking differently is an advanced brainwashing exercise.

Even though these are the negatives behind transhumanism, the thought of living forever by changing one’s body certainly has its attractions. But for the Christian community that believes in eternal life after death, that question has already been answered. However, there is so much uncertainty in having that belief and it is difficult to prove; so humans are bound to try and take control of the situation themselves.

But without the compassion of the humankind and having the world full of machines existing with no feelings, it will definitely spell the end of the human race.



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