The reason Biotech is developed as Medicine and not Human Enhancement

Biotechnology has been developed over the years to find solutions to certain diseases or physical conditions that can be cured through biotech treatment. Using biotechnology to cure a certain ailments is morally acceptable, but changing a person through the use of biotechnology is classed as human enhancement which crosses the moral grounds as they are today.

It also takes away the human curiosity because if it is developed as human enhancement then there could the temptation to push the human body and mind to their limits. This type of development goes beyond the healing properties of biotechnology.

There are some people who say any type of ailment, such as unhappiness could also be classed as a condition and the person could be considered as a patient. This would not only create a situation that will require physicians and the numbers would increase at an alarming rate. This type of enhancement would take away the healing process that biotechnology is being developed for.

All these factors of human enhancement need to be taken into consideration for the stability to remain with the healing capabilities of biotechs. If it is allowed to be used for human enhancement, a situation could develop where a limited amount of physicians would concentrate on this market because of the money involved with a number of people that would opt for this type of treatment.

So even though the population believes the research of human enhancement is their right, for now, the modern biotechnology will focus on the medical curing abilities until the time when human enhancement will be widely accepted. Perhaps human enhancement could be treated through a totally different field or as a specialized field of its own which can concentrate on enhancement treatment rather than treating the ill.



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