The Most Feasible Technology for Transhumanists to Achieve Immortality

This debate needs to take into consideration immortality and living for a long period of time. The latter is probably more accurate because achieving immortality requires for a person to live forever; and there are far too many variables that could cause death and cannot be predicted. The other aspect of being frozen until a cure for death is found only postpones the end result.

Genetically modifying a person or the aging genes is very fast becoming a reality and with greater knowledge of DNA technology, a person’s life could be extended. How far the anti-aging process will require to be a reality is not  known yet but as of now, it seems to be the answer that transhumanists have to create post-humans.

At the moment, experiments have been done and people have had some genetic modification injections for extending the caps of the chromosomes and also to increase muscle weight in order to increase their longevity. But only time will tell exactly how much effective these will be. The gene therapy is also believed to boost the immune system and the person will be less prone to diseases; thus making them much healthier than their predecessors.

Gene modification has proven that people’s lives can be extended by slowing down the aging process for a period of time. It is in line with transhumanists’ ideas and could be well worth pursuing to achieve their goals of a longer life and ultimately, immortality. It has been found that it can reverse the ageing process, treat certain diseases as well as increase the immune system which would be three of the most common factors that cause death. Whether the technology will achieve immortality will have to remain to be seen because at the moment with the information available the lifespan is estimated to be increased by 30%.



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