Will Liberal Democracy Survive with Transhumanism?

Transhumanists believe that a liberal democracy is a must for them to make the choices and progress on the path they have chosen in order to genetically and technologically modify the human being in an effort to achieve immortality and post-humans. However, there are some that believe this decision cannot be left to ordinary people for it to progress at the rate it would like to be. They also believe that they would accomplish more by convincing the people who have the power and money.

The belief that democracy plays an important role in our society to protect the freedom of people as a collective goal but with the increased advances of technology should also be revised. The capability of a group or groups being able to make the decisions does not seem possible and some transhumanists think it would be better left to a few elite individuals.

In order for transhumanism to be fair globally to all races, it would make sense to have a global leader to govern how this newfound transhumanism will be uniformed and not end up with one nation trying to outdo another almost like an arms race. In order for this to happen, it would have to be an appointed person and not an elected one.

With the ultimate goal of having earth and planets inhabited by posthumans, it would be necessary to have an autocratic society rather than a liberal one. As often seen in politics, when there is more than one party involved, it gets more difficult to pass legislation. One only needs to assess the situation in the UK whereby a decision that was left to the general population not only split the political parties but also the population in general.

In order for transhumanism to succeed in what the supporters want to achieve, it is difficult to see how liberal democracy can be a part of that process. Already, there are numerous factions opposing some of the transhumanists’ ideas.



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