How Would Transhumanists Solve the Problems Regarding Education?

Technology is affecting the way we do things which are a part of our daily lives. With the progress of Artificial Intelligence, the intelligence and behavioral divisions between humans and machines are now much narrower than they have been ever before. The technological advances in neuroscience and understanding of how the human brain works combining the two technologies could make the presence of post-humans possible.

The possibility of this being to be used to increase the intelligence levels of all the future generations seems rational, but there could be the danger that it would only be limited to those that can afford this enhancement. It would also create a society where the selected few would have the means to improve their lives while others will be left behind as forgotten beings; thus creating a larger social division.

At the moment, humans thrive on motivation which is driven by the desire to succeed. But having an artificial intelligence imparted through technology rather than self-achievement could create a society where people would rather pay extra to get the necessary answers rather than striving to find out a solution which in the long term could mean new inventions coming to an end.

So even though computers have become a large part of the educational system and with technology, envisaging a post-human with an enhanced brain capability is not that far fetched, it will need to take into consideration all the aspects that make humans as competitive as they are and that the whole process should be affordable to all. Or else, the results could be catastrophic.

Transhumanists’ philosophy of having a more intelligent human race would have to rely on collaboration between the scientists and the educators to get a fully rounded solution. Once that has been achieved through scientific and neurological technology, the human race could be programmed to be more intelligent or even have a robot at hand to solve the problems when they arise, like using it as a walking computer and it being able to answer any questions you might have.

All these are possible but the criteria to achieve this and to provide it to all the scholars and students is the biggest challenge that faces the transhumanists. Preserving the unique skillsets that individuals have would also come under threat if the robotic type intelligence is imparted onto humans.



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