How to Sustain an Extended Human Life?

The sustainability of life for eternity is a problem that is and will be on many organizations’ agendas for many years to come. The world population is continuously growing and the resources are being depleted on a daily basis. Fossil fuels are one such example and hence there is the drive of finding vehicles that will be powered by alternative means, such as electric cars.

Transhumanists are excited about the challenges being experienced by them and they believe they are on the right track to use technology to its maximum advantage to transform the human life. But the only obstacle is the mindset of conservative societies that are perceived as pessimistic and limiting the advancements of  transhumanism.

There are many factors that could spell the end of earth eventually and global warming is one of them. With the oceans rising, it could wipe out a significant amount of land that is now occupied by humans. This would create a situation where you would have climate refugees, putting a further drain on the scarce resources available. There are other factors to consider as well, such as lack of water and agricultural lands.

All these challenges fit into the transhumane way of thinking and believing that by using technologies like genetic modification, crops can be modified to give higher yields and be made disease-resistant. This technology is already in place but faces opposition from many countries in the world. Water and land are under the same pressure and answers will need to be found if humans are going to live much longer than they are now.

If life extension is going to be feasible, all the technologies we know now will have to be utilized to the extend of the earth’s ability to sustain us for that much longer. Coupled with the transhumanistic idea of colonizing other planets, it could be a possibility that humans can extend their lives in accordance to the transhumanism ideology.



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