What is Transhumanism?-Beautiful Destruction!

Transhumanism is a movement that believes in the transformation of the human condition using the ever growing technology that enhances the human intelligence, and physical and psychological capacities.

Their main belief is to control the human evolution with all the latest technologies available, such as genetic modification and artificial intelligence. The main aim is to let people live forever and make use of other technologies that would slow down the environmental degradation through human industrial processes.

In order for humans to become immortal, the first things that need to be reversed are the aging process, the elimination of diseases and the demolition of any human suffering. Artificial technology plays a big part of their plan with self-driven cars, robots in factories and becoming general household appliances. All these new developments will have an impact on our social and economic lives.

However, the transhumanists’ ideas do not stop at the preservation of mankind but they also take into the consideration the possibilities of inhabiting other planets and further developing the artificial intelligence of machines.

Transhumanists regard humans as evolution in progress and thus technology should be used to direct it in a certain direction rather than leaving the process to take its natural course. They would like to see all aspects of life, as we know, it to be changed using medicine, renewable energy technologies and colonization of other planets.

They are receiving positive press coverage and a lot of the ideas that they have can make life better for the mankind. But it clashes with the religious beliefs and morality. To this extent, they do receive a lot of resistance from conservative societies.  Transhumans believe in immortality and can be achieved through using the technologies that have been developed and technologies that will be resultant from these.



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