How Do Transhumanists View Human Germline Genetic Modification?

Recently there has been a call for regulations on germ line modification which has been applauded by the bio-conservatives who would like to have this type of genetic improvements and treatment banned altogether. But the Transhumanists have been thinking about this for some time. Now that the CRISPR technique has been proven, they do not see why they should not be able to move forward.

As Transhumanists believe that genetic enhancement of children will affect the parents and their next generations, they are also cautious because the history of controlling the human population has not been a success story. China is an example of how over time the control of the population can have long-lasting effects on a country’s future. Even though the strict one-child policy has been lifted, it will take years for the male vs female ratios to return to normal.

Although Transhumanists believe in the policy of genetic improvement, they too would need to figure out which ones to promote and which ones should be discouraged from being used. The biggest concern by the conservative biochemistry society is that children would be born to look a certain way or have certain abilities. Transhumanists recognize this fact but at the same time, they do not see what advantage this type of decision would have on the society.

However, if the new generation of children is born healthier and they are more immune to contagious diseases than their ancestors, that would be a great advantage to the society. Not only that the people would contribute more but it would not be such a burden on the country’s public health care.

There are some other advantages that the transhumanist society believe would add to the society. However, this type of genetic enhancement is still a long way from getting approval from various societies and the transhumanist society also recognizes the fact that this type of decision should not be taken lightly because the process is irreversible.



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