What Will Life Be After the Transhumanism Project Is Finished?

It is very difficult to predict what will happen in the future because most of the major achievements the transhumanists would like to accomplish are still far from the reality. Thus, it is like looking at a crystal ball. But one thing is very apparent – the transhumanists need to follow a code of conduct to ensure that whatever they achieve is advantageous to the mankind and not detrimental in any way possible. Therefore, they need to follow some bioethics to make sure that humans do not evolve into some type of monsters.

It is important to take into consideration that technology has already taken over a huge part of our lives that was not there even 20 years ago. Its progression is not going to stop in the near future; therefore, we need to control how it affects us. Every person would like to stop getting older and live for as long as they possibly can; or after a discovery that they have a terrible disease, it can be solved using genetic coding. All these are great ideas if done in such a way that helps in the human’s existence and not in manipulation.

Life after the humanist project will probably be carried on by the next generation because evolution does not have a finish line. At the moment, the transhumanists are striving to cure diseases and old age using various methods. Hopefully, with the help of the scientists, a lot of these will be solved sooner or later. But human nature is one that is not satisfied with achieving a certain amount of results and after the humanist project, it will progress further to conquering the rest of the universe. The goal of having and extended life will then be far more appropriate because of the vastness of the Universe and the time it will take exploring it with humans rather than robots.




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