Transhumanism – Will Humanity Destroys Itself?

Transhumanism is the combination of humans and machines. It is a movement where humans want to meld with machines or become like one. However, it is not a movement which you can consider safe because it has its own ramifications which we will find out through this post. The path of the transhuman is not full of joys and happiness as it seems.

The pros and cons of AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, are known to many. Artificial intelligence will let you decide what you want to do with your life. With transhumanism, you will be taken to a higher consciousness and may even get lost somewhere. Thus many individuals will try to avoid becoming robotic.

Are we already immortal?

Each individual has a consciousness which is different and unique in its own way. The questions can arise, why do I need to do this to myself? Or is it worth all the pain and money? Do I really need to become a transhuman and what I can achieve with that?

There is also another issue where transhumanism supports the denial of the death. The body will be filled with metal parts or other plastic items to help in repairing itself. This is when the body will fail to have the natural ability of birth and death. Some of the spiritual traditions help individuals understand the fact that they are going to die one day, which then inspire or motivate the person to live for a certain purpose.

It is obvious that transhumanism comes with both pros and cons. But it is a very misguided philosophy for the weak in spirit. Though it might seem very attractive and exciting with its so-called powers and abilities, it may not so in the end.



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