The Trouble with Transhumanism

Like every good thing in a product, there are few things which can be wrong. The same is true for transhumanism. Kyle Munkittrick who is a transhumanist gave his thoughts and feelings about what is wrong with transhumanism. Transhumanism as you know is a powerful social movement which prefers to make massive breakthroughs in technological prowess.

What kinds of troubles ail transhumanism?

The transhumanists feel that humans are not exposing their weaknesses to understand their value. They want people to make use of technology and embed it into their regular lives. This is also supported by author, Raymond Kurzweil, who is also a futurist and wrote the book, “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal.”

Not to mention, that robotic technology helps in transforming into post humans. The writer also feels that the human being first steeped into the transhumanist world when prosthetics were preferred over natural limbs. Transhumanism has given surgeons and victims alike the capability to perform complicated operations and regain use of their lost arms or legs.

According to Munkittrick, actions like voluntary amputation, assisted suicide, abortion, surrogate pregnancy, gender reassignment, consenting sexual practices, body modification, etc. can be controlled by law. Transhumanism cannot occur without having the legal structure where individuals can control their bodies.

Transhumanism can develop only when the freedom of the body is protected. If the human being wants to survive in the transhumanist world, it won’t be able to survive in peace. It is safe to say that transhumanism cannot be attained easily, but the human being can become like transhumans when they implement some of the values in them.

When people have to protect their culture with some behavioral restraints and human dignity, it will be definitely disapproved by those who will not want to use it.



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