The Ethics of Transhumanism and the Return of Eugenics

According to Andy Warhol, sometimes being a machine seems to be extremely beneficial because if it is broken or damaged, it can be fixed or repaired without hassle. You just need to ensure that all the right tools and equipment are present for the repair work. Of course, you need some skilled and talented individuals to do the repairing task.

The ethics of transhumanism

Unfortunately when things are broken, humans always stay broken for the rest of their lives. The two things on this world which cannot be broken are taxes and death. However for a transhumanists both death and taxes are not any problem because they are capable of overcoming them both emotionally as well as mentally.

Zoltan Istvan, the founder of the Transhumanist Party, feels that death and aging are two major plagues in our time. They are destroying humans because ordinary people are so worried and vexed about the aging process and ultimately dying. Some of the big names in the IT sector, like Larry Ellison and Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are investing heavily in the areas to stretch human life.

A question of humanity

There are a few ways in which humanity can be defined. According to science, humanity is a result of the evolution by natural selection. A famous geneticist said that the human DNA will hold the key to be able to provide the answer to the question of humanity where no two DNA are the same to the other species.

Each one is different and unique to each other. However, some questions crop up which needs to be answered properly. For example, can a small baby which is born without a brain be able to perform the basic functions of the body? The brain is what makes humans recognizable and give the ability to function properly.



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