Transhumanism and the Future of Capitalism – The Next Meaning of Life

Capitalism is the system where the humanistic ideology is used and there are few legal innovations which enable the rise of capitalism. It originated in the West and you could see the individuals who could exchange goods and services for free. Unfortunately the asymmetrical power which is now present in the market has decreased human labor to the inhuman capital inputs.

What transhumanism and future of capitalism hold for life?

According to Jean-Francois Lyotard, in the postmodern condition where humanism has been occurring due to these policies, you can find computers performing tasks which are the integral parts of the human life. Some of them have created some distance between non-work and work.

But with the increase of dependence on the social media, most of them have tried to understand the meaning of lives themselves. It is quite obvious that transhumanism will follow the process of transferring and extending the capabilities of an individual. When they need an extension, the individual might need to make use of a prosthetic or genetic technique.

The prosthetic or genetic technique can enable them acquire more powers which are present in ordinary individuals when compared to the transhumans. As far as the capitalism of these individuals are concerned, it is entirely up to them whether or not they want to take up the powers and let go of the monetary benefits which are provided by their institutions/workplace.

That is because they will not be the same once they acquire the powers. They will become transhumans. They will be able to make use of the capitalism which enables them to perform what they want. It will give them powers beyond other ordinary people, making them better than others both physically and financially.

The future of capitalism among the transhumans looks bright provided that these individuals know how to handle success as it comes their way.



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