Beyond Human – Researchers Explore Transhumanism

The word transhumanism has been around for more than a century. Scientists and researchers have been trying to come up with rational explanations about the existence of the human being with the ability to perform unnatural things. These humans are embedded with technology to perform tasks using super powers.

What is transhumanism?

There is no specific definition for transhumanism. You can call it the technologically enhanced future of those individuals who make use of super powers. Since 2004, researchers in the Arizona State University has been experimenting the possibility of the arrival of transhumanism in the world.

Many people have always felt that humanity and technology can join together to form a strong force. For thousands of years, humans have had this intention to do better. They are now making it possible with the use of technology. You have vaccines which are nothing but medical technology to make your body resistant to certain viruses and diseases.

It is commonly used in the military which has evolved with the help of technology. Today you can find soldiers aided with technology in forms of weapons, drones, computers, and drugs. Some of them take medications like modafinil to help them stay alert at all times. There is no doubt that transhumanists have the ability to motivate and inspire the society where technology plays a very important role.

There are situations where many companies are making use of the robotic technology to help them produce goods in bulk with extreme accuracy. The uncertainty which is hyped around the effect of technology on the society is something that has to be researched upon.

Unfortunately technology is also causing problems and distressing many people as viewed in movies. At the same time, it is providing solutions to those problems too.



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