Transhumanists Want to Be God – Is It True?

Transhumanists are interesting people with interesting ideas. They have ideas which are repugnant to some people and certainly tangential to the faith of others and not in conformity with current social norms, ethics and social order in general. Many people find their views offensive but in this article, we will take a look at what exactly are the views of transhumanists.

Analysts argue that transhumanists want something out of a teenage character comic book as opposed to realities of the human nature. In a nutshell, these people propound that the human being is in some kind of evolutionary ascent, and our current nature which we love and hold dear is actually very weak and holding us back. Transhumanists believe that humans must rise up and make use of their brain capacity and power to actually strengthen and enhance the performance of the human species.

To put it simply, Transhumanists believe that we can live forever. They believe that humans should make adequate use of the instruments of science and technology to interfere and enhance the genetic makeup as well as structural composition of humans to build a new being with better structures, reasoning capabilities and stronger bodies.

Transhumanists turn their noses up at the concept of evolution and argue that evolution theorists and scientists are dwelling on history and artifacts when they could focus on transforming the future. They have interesting proposals, such as using alloys to create robotic arms and legs which would not rot or wear off. They want to perpetuate life eternity and want a situation and condition where humans will live forever.

However, many people do not agree with them or their theories, and some see them as narcissistic humans with vague and impossible dreams.



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