The UK Breaks Solar Energy Records on a Sunny Weekend in March

In this industrialized world, the demand for energy is very high and coal as well as hydro generated electricity cannot satisfy the demand. They can also be very expensive to maintain and use. However, solar power is coming to the rescue of homes, businesses and commercial centers in the provision of cheap, clean, sustainable and renewable energy for use.

The weekend of March 24-26 in the UK was an exciting and interesting one. The weather was warm and sunny to allow for football games, and family and friends outing with beer, pizza and whatever was necessary.  As this sounded good, there was even something better to celebrate which was about solar power.

This weekend was special because as recorded by the experts in charge of the National grid, the demand for power by the people dropped drastically. This only happens when they have solar power which they can exploit. These homes have panels mounted on their roofs with which they trap this energy from the sun and channel the same energy into their homes for use and also to meet their varied energy requirements.

Duncan Burt who manages the national grid explained that energy needs of about 15% was met by solar power in that particular weekend. He also stated that energy demand was the highest between 4 pm and 6 pm in the evening. The government and experts are excited about the prospect of this clean renewable energy source taking over the coal-or gas-generated electricity.

Installed capacity in the UK has been continuing to increase since 2014, as people are turning more to solar energy because it is actually cheaper as a source of energy apart from being clean and environmentally friendly.



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