Is Home Automation a Childish Misuse of Technology?

Home automation, otherwise known as smart home technology, has been around for a while and has been arguably popularized by the richest man on earth, Bill Gates. This technology has already built an industry at which analysts conservatively put a figure of 15 billion dollars yearly.

Technology gives us homes which display the ego of the ultra-rich amongst us. These are such homes where the doors, curtains, and gates are opened and closed with the touch of a button. Similarly, music fills the rooms and temperature is regulated based on the preference of the owners. Smart homes can be a thing of marvel and recently Mark Zuckerberg showed a video of what his home would look like with such a smart system.

A lot of people would love to own such a smart home. Usually the smart system is attached to an application on the phones of the users. With a tap of the button, the users can control the whole home.

This all sounds dreamy and wonderful until we begin to experience some problems that these systems usually encounter

  1. Presence of virus – if a virus or worm or another malware finds its way into our phones or the system itself, this could cause serious problems to us. Can you imagine being trapped within your own home? Or almost freezing to death? This kind of scenario may occur if we become victims of malware.
  2. Difficulty in operating the system – sometimes the applications are so ambiguous that only tech savvy people find it easy to use and apply them. This can be frustrating for other members of the family.

Someone said keeping one’s home stupid is preferable, as there are better ways by which technology can improve lives and make things better.



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