A New Generation of Transhumanists Is Emerging

From the blogs that echo transhumanism themes to social media transhumanists’ pages to transhumanists’ meetings, the evidence of the emergence of a new generation of transhumanists is clear. In fact, the last 12 months has seen an increase in the diversity of the proponents of transhumanist movements. As opposed to past decades where most supporters were male academicians, the new generation of transhumanists is a mix of all types of people with divergent backgrounds.

The Singularity Network (Facebook) is one of the largest social media groups with a transhumanists theme. According to one of its co-founders, Amanda Stoel, the last 3 years have seen an increase in the membership from 400 to more than 10,000 currently.

Unfortunately the message of transhumanism has not reached all corners of the world till now, with many still ignorant of this movement. Transhumanism is a utopic futuristic movement whose proponents view science and technology as an opportunity to improve the conditions of the human being. Transhumanists consist of roboticists, biohackers, sigularitarians, techno-optimists and extensionists.

Unfortunately, the growth of transhumanism has sparked feud amongst the transhumanists’ proponents themselves. Older activists of transhumanists are shutting down the light of ideas by younger transhumanists and silencing their voices.  What this has resulted to is a dim in the information provided in more popular transhumanism information pages, like the transhumanism’s Wikipedia page.

The vendetta between the elderly transhumanists and the younger generation of transhumanists has fueled the need to change the strategy of reaching the masses with this news. Social media sites, such as Stanford University Transhumanist Association, are offering more unrestricted and open ended avenues for advocating for transhumanism.

What’s the future for transhumanism?

New generation transhumanists, like Maria Konovalenko are recreating methods of educating the public on the need to accept science and technology as the future for the human kind. It has not been easy, especially since our society is largely religious. However, transhumanists believe that there will be a time when individuals, companies, organizations and even governments will support and fund transhumanists organizations that aim at extending the human life.



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