Top 10 Transhumanist Technologies You Need To See

Transhumanists embrace the use of science and technology to improve and prolong human life. In the mind of transhumanists, technology is not a short term solution but a long term one to the social, economic and health problems faced by the human being.

  1. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

This refers to machines that have ultra-intelligence and so can perform all tasks that humans are capable of.

  1. Mind Uploading

This technology enables man’s memory to be converted into data that can be scanned, copied and uploaded to a computer.

  1. Megascale Engineering

This technology makes it possible to construct megascale structures, say 1,000km in length in new dimension. For instance, Dyson sphere, Globus Cassus and space elevator.

  1. Molecular Manufacturing

The Molecular Nanotechnology (MNT) involves the use of massive rays of nanometer-scale actuators for manufacturing products from the upwards of molecular level but with high atomic precision.

  1. Autonomous Self-Replicating Robotics

This is a system where self-replicating robots are capable of doing all the work for man, including freeing up more space to live in mass.

  1. Cybernetics

Cyborg technologies are already with us, such as cochlear implants available for the deaf. Cybernetics aims at improving our social and economic interactions, and making life easier using small parts that can be implanted on man.

  1. Space Colonization

This technology embodies the futuristic goals of transhumanists. Once the biological engineering of man is complete, we will be able to live in space, and a lot of space will be needed for the transhumans to be born.

  1. Gene Therapy/RNA Interface

This transhumanistic technology is used to manipulate the human being’s genetic structure. While RNA interface will single out desirable traits, gene therapy will replace the bad genes with the desired ones.

  1. Virtual Reality

This is a simulation of the real world, but with greater customization. The development of this technology is slowly heading towards increasing sensory richness in Virtual Reality and achieving a complete body haptic feedback.

  1. Cryonics

This tranhumanistic technology uses an antifreeze/liquid nitrogen (cryoprotectant) mixture that smoothly freezes the brain without forming crystals.



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