Is Transhumanism Inevitable?

Transhumanism is a term that embodies two faces. First, it is a burgeoning movement that prefers the use of science and technology to improve human conditions. The second face is that people believe that the human being is slowly transcending due to technology and one day, they will evolve beyond their current capacity.

As a movement, transhumanism faces a lot of opposition. The opponents of this movement include staunch religious people who view it as an atheist movement, bio-conservatives and liberals filled with anxiety of the threat of advanced technology to human equality and dignity.

Looming Evidence of a Transhumanistic World

Technology is slowly revolutionizing our way of life and welcoming us into an era of transhumans. In 2012, for instance, the first artificial heart was placed on then 40-year old Stacie Sumandig, who was not able to get a donor heart as fast as was needed. The Syncardia Total Artificial Heart (TAH) that’s run by batteries and can be carried in a backpack was installed in her. She was able to live for 196 days with this heart. By 2015, up to 1,625 TAH had been installed in patients.

Further, artificial body organs, stem cells, kidneys, lungs and even livers are continually being developed and are projected to be more powerful and resilient than biological organs. Nanotechnologies, Biotechnologies and information technologies are also increasingly being developed as the search for nanomedicine for diseases like cancer continues.

Does Transhumanism threaten the ‘humanity’ in us?

In a world of social and economic imbalance among people, it’s evident that the rich will be able to afford the tranhumanistic technologies faster than the poor. Will this mean that the rich will continue to have immortally while the poor will keep dying? Also technologies that are under construction, like the brain implants designed to alter emotions would completely strip humans of what fundamentally makes us human, our emotions.

The main quagmire for many opponents is the choice between accepting technology to make man immortal and refusing technology in a world of so many wrongdoings and suffering.



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