What is Transhumanism? – That’s Really Possible

The simplest meaning of the term transhuman is ‘beyond human.’ According to oxford dictionary, transhumanism is the theory or conviction that science and technology can revolutionize man beyond his current capacity. Simply put, technology can colonize man and expand his psychological, physical and emotional capabilities.

According to Ronald Bailey, a science fiction writer, transhumanism is the epitome of ideal, imagined desires by humans. Yet Francs Fukuyama, a political scientist, is of the opinion that transhumanism is the most dangerous idea that the world has ever had.

What does it really mean to be transhuman?

When two scientists have divergent opinions on one theory, it calls for a personal take. Both Fukuyama and Bailey have given their honest opinions on transhumanism. But what both have not taken into account is the cost of understanding the true meaning of transhumanism.

The cost of negatively translating the meaning of transhumanism can have a repugnant, irreparable impact on future generations. In reality, transhumanism is better viewed as an open ended conversation. This is a possibility that’s housed by reality.

The reality is that a transhuman world has already commenced. The use of pacemakers, dentures and even eye glasses is transhumanistic in the sense that it expands our limitations. Advanced technologies, like artificial hearts, invitro fertilization and even artificial insemination are simply expanding the possibilities. The only differences between what transhumanism opponents’ use in everyday life and their perception of transhumanism are the depth and intensity of technology.

Evidently we have transcended too far into a transhumanistic world to turn back. It’s just a matter of time before robotic systems will be capable of running our errands and making decisions for us. Already technologies like virtual reality are receiving more appreciations. It’s only a matter of time before singularity exponentially takes off irreversibly.



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