How Transhumanism Works

It’s the year 2127; all humans who are on planet earth are gifted. There are musical geniuses; in fact, all children are prodigies of some type. Travelling to another planet like Mars is not a big deal; one can even re-locate to another planet. And it’s all thanks to science and technology. This is how transhumanists think.

The main goal of transhumanism is to expand the platform for developing and using sophisticated technologies. Transhumanists believe that science and technology can be used to elevate the ability of humans whether psychologically, physically or intellectually. Transhumans have more powerful minds with new sensory modifications and cognitive architectures that make them more adoptable to their virtual reality world

Transhumanism borrows so many concepts with humanism. For instance it believes in commitment to progress. Evidence for this is the onset of evolutionary beings like plastic surgery, and prostheses. Future humans, posthumans, will ordinarily be able to exercise more control over every single aspect of their beings. Transhumans are resistant to aging, disease-resistant and can control every humanistic aspect in the life how their moods change.

The basis of the science of ectogenesis or eugenics is to create and/or preserve life in artificial environment. While this may sound fatuous to some, proponents of transhumanism believe that science is taking that direction.

Can the human species transcend itself in entirety?

According to the transhumanistic thinking, the coming several decades will see such rapid development in communication technology that humans will be able to directly perceive each other’s thoughts. The human brain will function like an ultrainteligent machine. This is according to the technological singularity that was first proposed in 1965 by cryptologist I. J. Good. Once humans will be able to make the ultrainteligence machine, there will be an explosion of intelligence.

The tranhumanistic theories are simply philosophies that guide human kind to a post human state. The only difference between transhumanism and humanism is that it recognizes and awaits a sporadic change in nature and a possible evolution of the entire mankind as a result of science and technology.

Since transhumanism is in actuality derived from humanism, it is naturally an extension of humanism. Posthumans only use science and technology to transverse beyond what modern humanism considers ‘human’. Technologies like cryonics that may seem to put humans in a vegetative state, are in fact preparing humans for an immortal state. Transhumans also accept the concept of singularity and its long term implication on the future humans.



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