Transhumanism: 5 Characteristics of the Contemporary Race against Death

According to tranhumanistic theories, humans being are still in a primitive temporary phase which is slowly undergoing development and will someday develop to an immortal state. Transumanists believe that humans are headed towards a more advanced state where all mankind will be super intelligent and with ultrainteligent capabilities to create an extremely comfortable environment to reside.

The transhumanists ideal world, as explained by Professor Bernard Ars, presents the theory of human immortality as one that will give freedom to all humans. Man can use science and technology for their individual gain and in their own terms. As such, he presented 5 main characteristics of the contemporary race against death as follows:

Transhumanism belongs only to the future

Transhumanism does not view evolution as a static or completed process but as a never-ending process. Professor Ars explains that transhumanism differs from modern humanism that keeps records of current and past happenings. Transhumanism doesn’t really give any attention to the past happenings; it reasons that the future of humans will be completely transformed that the past will not matter.


Transhumanism is a form of classic materialism

Tranhuman subscribers are of the opinion that science and technological advancements is what results to evolution. Evolution is thus looked at as a technical improvement and not vice versa. Debate has risen whether this could mean that transhuman subjects will, as a result of evolution, be incapable of making their own independent decisions.

Transhuman subjects can independently make decisions about how they want their bodies to evolve morphologically.

Transhumans will be at liberty to make arbitrary choices in regards to their body. They can independently decide what changes they want to make their bodies and the procreation options they deem fit for their offspring’s. Again, this raises the question of how this freedom of choice will impact aspects like communication and just the human aspect as a whole.

It creates an association between human beings and other living beings

According to tranhumanistic thinking, human beings are not so different from other living creatures. In fact, the only major difference is in difference in the gradual evolution of humans.  This impacts hugely on how humans should conceive their dignity.

There are no barriers that can stop transhumanism

According to professor Ars, transhumanism will stop at nothing to gain victory over death. It will use every technological tool and extension available, biotechnology, cloning, stem cells, genetic engineering and even biophysical modifications that may possibly transform them to cyborgs.

Transhumanists also adhere to several views of ethical systems. Since condescending adults can make the best decision of what’s best for them, the freedom to use technology to immortalize their life is well deserved.



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