Transhumanism and the Technological Singularity

Transhumanism is the ideology that the human being can use to transform itself into a superhuman being. It is the believe that technological advances, like artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies and biotechnology will produce an ultra-inteligent human being in the future that is physically unstoppable and emotionally unbreakable with more powerful cognitive psychological abilities. The first people to advance the transhumanistic way of thinking are Ray Kurzweil, Max More and Natasha Vita-More.

Transhumanism encourages the rapid evolution of the human being into the future. This means that at some point in future, humans will be an ultra-inteligent being. This concept has been termed “singularity.” The fear of this is that there will be a time when the rate of technological advancement will be so rapid that the progression curve will be almost straight.

The concept of singularity was first introduced by Vernor Vinge. In his opinion, singularity will result from some form of intelligence amplification in the future; may be through human-computer integration or artificial intelligence. What this will eventually result in is a super intelligence eruption with productions of systems that are hundred times more intelligent than their creators.

Can posthumans predict post-singularity?

The outcome of abrupt development is evidently unpredictable, even for the super-intelligent transhumans. If Vinge’s utopia becomes a reality, then even the systems and laws that were once thought to be basic, like the law of quantum gravity, won’t be basic anymore. Singularity means that things that are seen to be impossible, like traveling time, are a possibility for the future.

Although not every transhumanistic proponents subscribe to the singularity-hypothesis, the ones who are of the same thinking as Vinge believe it will actually take place in this decade. Few others think it will happen in several upcoming decades but it will surely happen. The only deterrent to this is whether the modern humans’ actions will lead to the complete destruction of civilization.



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