Transhumanism’s Promise of Eternal Life

Is it possible that there will be an age of technological development where technology and human will merge together to result into an immortal being? According to the concept of singularity under the transhumanistic thinking, this is a huge possibility.

But one would wonder why anyone would want to live forever.  Transhumanists believe that the freedom for immortality is a gift that all humans should have. For example, every grown adult should be able to judge by themselves how long they want to live, and if they want to leave their offspring behind or not. Transhumanists endeavor to add extra years of productive, happy and healthy living to enable them learn more, experience more and reach the very peak of their potential.

How far are you willing to be immortal?

To be immortal is to be a machine. And for the human being to evolve into a machine-like one, there’s a very high price that must be paid.

Transhumanists are willing to go through procedures like cryonics that freeze normally declared dead individuals with the hope that the evolved technology in the future will be able to unfreeze them and stop the deamination that had originally occurred in them. The cryonic process, which involves freezing human vegetables in 196 degrees Celsius liquid nitrogen, is aimed at preserving the processes that lead to degeneration of tissues as opposed to preserving the structure of life.

Transhumanists are also willing to go as far as transferring intelligence from the biological human’s brain to the computer memory, a process termed uploading or brain reconstruction or downloading. Uploading is done through nanotechnologies that make it possible to re-structure the human brain to produce a super-intelligent being. Uploading will result into a human being that is emotionally more stable and physically better composed.

Transhumanists can basically have unlicensed surgery for implanting technologies into their bodies to increase their longevity.



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