Transhumanist Rights Are the Civil Rights of the 21st Century

Although transhumanists are excited with the thought of what the future holds, many people are not thrilled with the idea of cloning or downloading the biological intelligence into computers. The entire issue of transhumanism is rather controversial; even more controversial than racism.

Thankfully, there is a mushrooming transhumanism movement where 21st century’s futuristic individuals, who may want to become machines or new biological species, can find solace. These movements even succeeded in calling out people to support the research moratorium on editing the human genome that occurred in China in 2015.

But even with the wider outreach for more support to the transhumanism theory, many people still strongly adhere to conservatisms. The quest to have freedom for unlicensed surgeries where one can make any alterations to their bodies is still far from reality. Religious individuals, for example, are still opposed to most things that transhumans seek. The very word, transhuman, meaning beyond human, conflicts with the religious belief that only God is capable of being that. They will never accept the concept of defeating death or being as intelligent as computers.

Sooner or later, Transhumanism will have to come face to face with human civil rights. There are so many facets that will bring confusion in the society. For instance, will there be codes of conduct for transhumans living in virtual reality? Will there be individuality any more if anyone can change their system as per their wish?

The looming conflicting issues of advancing technology vs. human rights are things that no one can run away from. In fact, with robots already in our houses cooking and cleaning for our children, the question of “to what extent should we allow technology to take over” is already a subject of discussion. Technologies like cryonics and cloning have already been banned in some states in the U.S.



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