5 Ways Nanotechnology Is Securing Your Future

Human nature is driven by a desire to make living worthwhile. Some pressing issues faced by the humankind as they visualize a secure future include disease, security, information processing, technological advancement and climate change.

Nanotechnology is a revolutionary technology that manipulates atoms, molecules and supramolecules at the scale of 1 to 100 nanometers to produce an array of usable products. This technology improves products through production of components and better performing synthetic materials with less costs. Nanotechnology may secure your life in the following areas:


Nanomedicine entails the use of nanotechnology to improve prevention and treatment of diseases. Through possible injectable gadgets that personalize treatment, tiny sensors can be used or implanted to monitor body temperature, post-surgery recovery, control body organs and even repair worn out tissues or remove and replace those destroyed by cancer. Pills that can be better absorbed in the body with more efficiency and less dosage can be used in the management of HIV.

Stealth Technology

This involves application of nanosatellites in civil sectors and military installations to enhance passive counter surveillance measures. Radar absorbent material with nanoscopic spares could help detect enemy aircraft, submarines, ships, missiles and satellites to improve stealth.

Massive Information Processing

The developments in sensing and new discoveries will produce an enormous flow of information that will require precision in analyzing to help manage traffic congestion, prevent accidents or crime.

Technological Advancement

Nanotechnology is concerned with improving the existing products. Nanotechnology trends in aerospace are focused on zero fuel aircraft that uses solar energy to propel engines and has reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

The development of automotive and 5G technologies also portend enhanced sensitivity, high-resolution scanning, improved power handling and connectivity.

Tackle Climate Change

Nanotechnology provides new ways to tackle climate change by devising new methods of generating or using electricity, for instance carbon nanotubes. There is the future possibility to harvest energy from the environment by harnessing it from processes that may generate energy.



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