This Molecule Could Be the Key to Regenerating Human Tissue

While self-healing body might make any fictional mutant indomitable, its clinical significance in understanding cancer is of utmost importance. New research has shown that a molecule produced during tissue damage is the key to the regeneration of tissue. Spanish National Cancer Research Center has found a new wonder molecule called inter-lukin-6 or IL6 which can promote reprogramming of normal tissue into pluripotent cells.

Stem cells are the most widely researched entity in the world of tissue regeneration. It was found that when a tissue is damaged, the surrounding tissues release a molecule called IL6 which was the key finding of this research. IL6 changes the genetic programming of the new growing tissue, making it embryonic like. This embryonic-like tissue can transform and grow into almost any type of tissue, therefore doing what stem cells ideally were supposed to do. Though stem cells weren’t clinically successful enough to give consistent results without tumors, this new molecule is able to do that.

Isolating this molecule IL6, scientists are trying to stimulate tissue regeneration. The goal is using this molecule to make the sample tissue turn stem cell like embryonic and then genetically recoding it to make the desired tissue. However, this is just another answer to a series of questions that have caused the growth of research in tissue regeneration.

While tissue regeneration holds the key to getting rid of cancer and tumor, it also opens up a lot of avenues in medical and pathological domain. From curing heart ailments to growing blood vessels and curing blindness, tissue regeneration has something good for everyone. With the increasing pressure and millions of dollars pumped into cancer research, this wonder molecule IL6 caused by tissue damage brings hope to many scientists and patients alike.



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