Importance of Green Biotechnology

Green biotechnology can be defined as using eco-friendly or renewable means of technology that not only serves its purpose but also causes minimum or no damage to the environment. Every step of innovation is fuelled by plants and fossil fuels that are unbiasedly used with little consideration about their carbon footprints. Following are the ways through which we can use green biotechnology to achieve not just the goal, but also a cleaner environment.

  1. Solar energy: it is all about harvesting the powerful solar energy trapped inside solar cells and converting it into more consumable form. The sun is not just an inexhaustible source of energy but also harmless to the planet. Countries like the USA, German and France are the leading players in using solar energy.
  2. Wind energy: caused by the rotation of the earth, wind is a powerful natural stream of air that can be easily used to harvest energy. Windmill farms have been powering Nordic countries like Norway and Denmark for many years with zero fossil fuel liability.
  3. Hydropower: turbines driven by water from dams are the most expensive yet rewarding use of gravity to generate power. Almost all the major river in developing countries host dams.
  4. Bio gas: manure and compost are high density sources of methane that burns with zero carbon residue. They can be made at local and personal levels to effectively manage waste and energy need at the same time.

While we are progressing slowly, it’s important to consider the very ground we are working on-our planet earth. Green energy not just ensures lower annual temperature but also secures our water sources and regional precipitation rate. The impacts of the action we take today will stay for many generations to come. Thus, saving the environment is our duty for a better future.



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