Regenerative Biology: A New Molecule That Regenerates Bone Tissue

Regenerative Biology

Today cases of the bone disorder are treated or dealt with bone grafts only. However, a new solution has been found, as a team of researchers from the University of California has come up with a new way of regenerating bone tissues. This new way is faster, more effective, simpler, cheaper and perfect for creating bone-building cells. This is a major discovery in the field of regenerative medicine and bone tissue engineering, as patients with severe bone defects or bone injuries can get treatment.

One of the researchers and a bioengineering professor at the university, Shyni Varghese, explains that the main aim of this finding is to make this kind of medical treatments accessible and more effective by developing simple, efficient and cheaper ways to regenerate body cells and tissues.

The Focus of the Research

This new finding is majorly focused on adenosine, a molecule that manipulates the human pluripotent cells when injected into the bone. This gives the molecule an ability to differentiate and become any cell no matter where it is found in the body, therefore regenerating a whole body organ like a bone. They conducted this experiment on mice with cranial bone defects without any side effects, like infections and tumors made of multiple tissues from different organs during transplant.

Biologically, pluripotent cells can differentiate into any cell in the body, but catalyzing this process and manipulating stem cells to differentiate are very complex and expensive, and have side effects like tumors. But with the addition of adenosine to these cells, the team was able to conduct the process safely and effectively. Their major focus now is to know how an adenosine molecule performs its task of bone formation.

If this kind of medical treatment is fully developed, there will be hopes of reducing cases of bone disorders caused by diseases like diabetes which might be the greatest discovery of this generation.



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