Humanity’s Path to Peace: Technological Peace Theory

Humanity’s Path to Peace

All along, humanity has been living by several ideologies; but the one about what we don’t focus much is the “democratic peace theory” which coerces us to believe that democratic nations are civilized enough to know the effects of war. But this is not true because political democracy is not the only way through which nations interact.

Another ideology that arises from the advancement in technology is the “technology peace theory.” The theory explains that more technologically and industrially advanced states are less likely to go to war with states that are similarly developed. This is supported by a research which showed that more industrially and technologically advanced states took part in only 25% of 89 wars that occurred between 1990 and 2010. This indicates that more developed nations are less likely to go to war than the less advanced or developed nations.

The burning question here is, why these technologically advanced states are less likely to go to war and have better relations with each other?

They know the cost of war

Developed countries understand their worth and know what consequences a war has. They also know that wars cost a lot. Their economies also rely on trading with each other, thus they need to keep close relations to maintain it.

They see no reason for war

Advanced nations are not faced by miseries that are the driving forces of war in many cases. Technology has made the world a global village which must be free from the worst human conditions that often occur because of the war.

Developing and poor countries need to realize that they will suffer from the worst consequences of war; hence they need to realize that war is pointless and unnecessary. Through this process, the entire humanity would do away with war and become peaceful.



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