Home Automation: The Greatest Thing Ever Or An Invitation To Be Lazy?

The speed at which modern technology is growing is amazing. The era of home automation is characterized by the connection of all home devices to a network for enhanced control. However, every innovation has its enthusiasts and naysayers. There has been growing concern over the effect of home automation on our lives. This concern is fueled by debate concerning the flipside of the advantages of home automation.

With home automation, people rely on technology to turn on the TV, open the door, switch on lights and to do a myriad things without moving from the couch. There have been arguments that this might encourage laziness.

Technology has advanced to such an extent that all information is now available with a few clicks and one is not required to have face to face interaction to get it. Students of Information Technology may create websites and operate them without understanding what goes into the process or how to enter a single code. Due to the presence of mobile phones, people no longer memorize telephone numbers. Some argue that technology makes us foolish because everything is done by machine and thus we do not think.

Short mobile messages and the social media have replaced face to face interactions. You can shop online, have home delivery food services, and download and watch movies right from your home.

Studies recommend taking at least 10000 steps every day to boost your health. In a situation where everything is automated, some people argue that this enhances laziness and is not a habit to be encouraged.

It is true that home automation saves your time, thus allowing you to have more time and energy to do other activities that can improve the quality of your life. Others say becoming lazy depends on the person and it is up to them to use their time productively.




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