Scientists May Have Discovered What Allowed Life To Evolve

The story of the origin of life is surrounded by mystery, speculation and controversy in equal measure. Some argue that life originated from the creator while scientists have put forth various theories concerning the origin of life. One scientific theory that explains the origin of life is the primordial soup theory.

The term ‘primordial soup’ was coined by the Russian biologist Alexander Oparin and the English scientist John Burdon Sanderson Haldane. In 1924, Oparin officially put forward his theory that life on the earth developed from protocells and as a result of the combination of atmospheric chemicals which contain carbon and some energy. These chemicals formed into amino acids which later developed into species by an act of transformation.

Based on Oparin’s primordial theory, German physicists and biologists collaborated to provide an explanation of the origin of the first living cells. They examined the behavior of a modeled centrosome e.g. organelles found in animal cells that behave like the chemically active droplets. They realized that these chemically active droplets divide in a manner identical to cell division. The chemically active droplets in the centronome continuously cycled constituent proteins in and out of the liquid cytoplasm behaving either as soluble (state A) or insoluble (state B).

Probably the presence of a source of energy could cause a reversal capable of transforming state A into state B when they overcome a chemical barrier. Sunlight could be the possible energy source on earth in the early days.

The research explains the possible evolution of life from the simplest material, spurred by chemical processes to the present state. It took the presence of an energy source and billions of years for a protocell to evolve into a living cell and into a more and more complex form of life that it is everywhere today.




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