Advantages And Disadvantages Of Automation

Automation is a vastly used term in the present era. From offices to industries or from cafes to shops, we can experience automation everywhere. Is automation a boon or it is a curse? What’s good and what’s bad in using automation? Let’s have a look.

Advantages of an automation system :

  1. No more hard physical works – Automation replaces hard physical efforts by human and make it easier to operate.
  2. No more dangerous and unsafe work – Some automation technologies replace humans from dangerous works that could lead to fatality.
  3. Heavy works are made easier – Automation is making huge or heavy works a lot easier when the works are beyond the reach of men e.g. loading/unloading with crane.
  4. Faster production and cost – Automation makes the production speed of a product faster with minimum labor engagement. Thus it makes the per product cost much cheaper.
  5. Economic improvement – Automation leads to economic growth and improvement to any industry as well as the society.

Disadvantages of an automation system:

  1. Limitation of technology – Every technology has its limit. Thus, there are many jobs that can’t be done by automations. Human manipulation is the only option for those jobs.
  2. Limitation of economy – Some jobs are more suitable for humans than automation. Automation is best suited for the repeated and consistent jobs with high volume.
  3. Unpredictability of cost – The automation cost for an industry is unpredictable. Only after making a sector automated, it can be judged if it was a good decision or not.
  4. Initial cost involvement – The initial cost for adapting automated systems in an industry is huge compared to manual systems.
  5. High maintenance –A skilled team is always required for maintenance and handling any emergency situation.

Although there are many disadvantages, automation still is a boon to us. Using automation with proper techniques and planning will make an industry or a society much better.



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