Humanity vs. Technology – Which One to Trust?

It will be a foolish thing not to accredit technology as the pioneer of humanity. Technology has not just made life more meaningful but has also added more security to the very growth of mankind. While technology is growing unstoppably, how far are we from including the non-living technology as an inseparable part of us?

Although there is no debate about technology’s catalyzing effect on human growth, we can’t just embrace the developing part of technology while turning a blind eye to its ability to increase the real distance between us while digitally bringing us closer. No matter how potent it becomes, technology can’t replace the emotion and the trust that is bred by human to human contact. Though very far from success, we have tried to humanize technology as much as we could. Despite these attempts, there stays a bugging question about trust and technology.

While many might compare it with losing reality, it’s perhaps time to change the definition of reality. Trust is the most fundamental thread of love’s fabric and it makes us who we are. Thus, should we be willing to trust technology with it? I think we should. The answer to this question is way beyond our desperate attempt to keeping humanizing technology.

Balancing the spectrum of isolating technology and the emotional quotient of human to human touch is the subtle answer here. Accepting that technology can’t replace human touch no matter how hard we try is the first step towards realizing that it’s okay to make it a part of our lives and trust it for long. We can exist and we can exist with peace if we finely tune ourselves and keep the equilibrium of virtual and reality undisturbed.



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