The Insane and Exciting Future of Bionic Body

Future of Bionic Body

With the innovation of the next generation artificial limbs and prosthetic organs, there is a lot of buzz going on in the bionic implants community. Touch Bionics, a UK based company, recently released the new version of its product called, ‘i-limb’ which is a motor-driven prosthetic arm that essentially mimics a real one. With two electrodes that conduct impulse from the stump muscles, it has a mechanical fist that operates as per the commands of the users. Drastically changing prosthetics from the old-school hooks to these electric arms that serve the purpose of the missing limb with utmost fluidity, the bionic community is blazing with excitement.

Touch Bionics is leading these insane innovations in the prosthetic world. They have made a series of such supportive limbs and digits that is not just improving the quality of one’s life, but also enabling them to avoid disability. Powered by the latest software, better microprocessors and larger battery life, these i-limbs aim to make the movement of the mechanical arm as smoothly and naturally as possible. Bluetooth and remote controlled arms are also being experimented for a more secondary control. It is really a significant step towards the future.

The inclusion of gesture-based motion and bio electrodes is opening new frontiers in the electric implant worlds. Organs like lungs and pancreas are being replaced by a set of artificial mechanoids that try to imitate the actual organ. Using an array of electrodes directly connected to the central nervous system, these bionics are increasingly trying to outpace the current prosthetic technology. Electric impulse detectors and silicon-based stumps are the latest avenues in the bionic world. With millions of dollars of investment in this industry, one can’t help but think about the wonders that are yet to be unveiled by the prosthetic development community.



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