Transhuman Technologies – New Human Model

Transhumanism is all about evolving the human being with modified traits and characteristics for an increased lifespan, better health and for free of or minimal diseases with the help of the modern technologies.

Have you ever seen humans flying or imagined lifting a truck with just one hand? Sounds like a Sci-Fi movie, isn’t it? We all wish we had that extra power to do something extraordinary. Even in this modern world, we are still being evolved even though some of us may not agree with it. In fact, using any gadget removes the term of being pure human.

The Transhuman technologies have been transforming us for years. We all wish to be a superhero and do all types of stunts to save the world. When we take drugs for treatment, we are human plus that medication, which means we are a changed human. We humans are trying to boost our physical and mental health with different types of vitamins, protein powders and super foods.

What about different gadgets which have made way in our lives without which we are literally paralyzed? These devices are a part of our lives and they have made our lives much comfortable and effective. Different apps have replaced the books. The digital world allows us to extend ourself all around the world.

There are many transhuman technologies or implants that humans use and sometimes at their own risk. Such as:

  • The Fitness Tracker and wearable tech
  • Magnetic Implants
  • Implanting Chips and Electrodes
  • Night Vision Drop
  • Virtual Reality: Most of the times, this provides very impressive brain training through online games.
  • Augmented Reality: This is virtual realityalong with the normal 

Only time will tell whether the new and enhanced human models born from the transhuman technologies will be good or bad.



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