Transhumanism: Should We Use Robotics to Enhance Humans?

With the advance in science and technology, the humans will help their race to evolve above and beyond their natural capabilities, overcoming all their current physical or mental limitations – this theory is called Tranhumanism.

On the other hand, robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation and application of robots.

The latest technology brings these two things together and tries to incorporate robotics for enhancing the humans .

But the only problem is ethical- should we allow the rich nations, groups or individuals to enhance their physical or mental capabilities at the cost of their poorer neighbours? It goes without saying that for such radical technological advances, money is required and that too in a huge amount for facilities and implementations. Will the poor have unfair disadvantage and not be able to afford what the rich will want even though they may not need it?

Will the human robot be able to make the right decisions, preserve the right moral values, and be patient and understanding of the code of humans as we know it? Or will it be a law unto itself, governed by its robotic code, slave to the technology, and unable to control the machine riding on its body and mind? These questions are baffling the today’s scientists.

As the scientists discover new technologies and consider new techniques for making the humans more efficient with increased mental abilities and enhanced physical prowess, should there be a governing body of some sorts to keep the human robotics within the parameters of the human conscience and ethics?

However, science cannot be cowed down by questions. Rather, the force of the robotic enhancements by the human being may be the answer to many prayers of those who have lost limbs or bear the deformities they have been saddled with since birth.

We stand at the threshold of technological advancement only seen in the Hollywood movies and imaginations. We are close to producing Captain America or Wolverine- the fundamentals of man and machine are combining to give rise to a bright and better future.

If you are still not convinced, think of the innumerable parents who live with children having various disorders, like Down Syndrome, Infantile Osteoporosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Thallesemia, Turner Syndrome, etc.; and who would like to see their children improve with or without the help of robotics.



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