Brains, Computers And Robots- What They Mean For Psychology, Disability And Enhancement

Out of all the machines known to humans presently, the BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) is no doubt the most sophisticated and the most efficient system with very high coordination precision between various organs. With the advent of the artificial intelligence, there have been some improvements in making computers and robots with abilities to learn on their own by analysing the ongoing things in their surroundings.

Psychology refers to the personality of someone towards various stimuli. Human psychology is a topic which has been researched and studied since the humans began thinking. Computer and robot psychology came into existence since smart devices and platforms came into existence. For these, psychology is the personality of the machine intelligence.


We all know that our brains are the actual control system of our bodies. What we think, how we feel and the way we make our decisions are all controlled by our minds. Make some changes to our brains can only be done by the advanced achievements in neurosciences and genetics. This is a complicated job and any minor error in the operation can potentially make many undesirable results. Unlike the human brain, computers and robots are man-made and controlled by us. Hence, any disability in their system can be removed by simply editing the program or removing the viruses. Unless the artificial intelligence goes too far, it is difficult for us to control the human brain the way we control computers and robots. But once achieved, it would result in massive improvements in neurological disorders and many other issues.


These machines can be enhanced in different ways; such as for computers and robots, the enhancements can be done by improving hardware, software and other programs. The growth rate of robotic science is high but there isn’t any robot to efficiently replace the human organs. For example, the robotic hands are doing good but still a lot of research is needed as they cannot feel and coordinate like the real ones. Various other fields, like brain-interface have already done enhancements; thus resulting in knowing and monitoring what’s happening inside the brain to cure disorders.

Human enhancement seems like a superhero movie concept. But there are researches going on in various organizations to achieve these milestones using the concepts of robotics, biogenetics and other fields. Human enhancements in other fields are also taking place, such as improving the mental abilities through strengthening of neuron bonds and increasing the lifespans of humans using various theories, like DNA repairing, nanotechnology and bio-genetics.




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