Transhumanism: Longevity And Immortality

The core concept of transhumanism is to improve one’s physical and mental abilities using the modern technologies. For this purpose, people have always been trying to find ways; sometimes by making use of herbs and sometimes through technology. But the satisfactory results have never been achieved. But due to the advances in technology, the average lifespan of humans has increased exponentially.

Immorality means no death. But this is arguable in case of humans because people will still dye because of killings or accidents even if all the formulas are invented. So immortality can be practically understood as the state in which humans can live as long as they are kept safe and receive proper health care whenever necessary.

The question arises, will technology ever be so advanced to make such changes in the lifespans of the human being? Some scientists believe that the rate at which biotechnology, nanotechnology and other technologies is growing, it would be possible to increase the lifespan to a significant extent.

Nanotechnology will play a key role in longevity. The bots smaller than blood cells will be deployed in the bloodstream which will act as the interface to diagnose the health problems, monitor the biological operations and make changes whenever necessary. Another vision is the artificial organ system. The only part of the body which is the most important and controls how we actually perform our day-to-day activities is our brain. Keeping the mind unaltered as much as possible and making improvements in other parts of the body are the goal of Transhumanism.

Another aspect of Transhumanism is the achievement of singularity. The concept of singularity is based on an assumption that, there will be some sort of system which would result in strengthening of neuron connections when connected to the brain. It would imply to super intelligence which will take the human society to a whole new level and change the way it all works.



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