Young Bodies Forever- a Dream Come True!

Who would not want to live young forever, without any sufferings? This is exactly what is being discussed and deliberated by many of the futurists and Transhumanists these days. The idea of living young forever makes us feel great, thinking that there won’t be any suffering or that wrinkled skin but only a better life to live forever!

Imagine if there is a technology with which we will be young forever, though it seems unbelievable. Since we are mortals, we would eventually be dying one day. If there is a technology wherein we can upload all our brains’ functions, we would continue to live forever. The only difference is, it will be a digital life. But is it possible?

Bioprinting is one of the modern technologies which allows to have artificial livers and kidneys.  It is not common yet and progressing slowly, and it is also an expensive affair. It is about replication of the human body parts. Few researches have proved that blood of the younger people can even reverse the aging process in the older ones. There are already some drugs which help in anti-aging.

A young body forever means we have to take help of the artificial machinery. Using the gene therapy, one can have a younger body; though it is still not proved how far this will help. Although such an ultra-modern technology is still to come to the aid, there are medicines which help in reversing the human age to some extent.

In developed nations, there is an increased lifespan because of better medical care. In the U.S. the Transhumanist Party’s ‘The Transhumanist Bill of Rights’ has been trying to declare that in the 21st Century with the help of advanced technology and science, all Americans should have a “universal right” to live an immortal life and eradicate the sufferings.




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