Objectivist Transhumanism: A Philosophy for the Futurists

The enhancement of human abilities through genetic modifications is what Transhumanism believes in. The development of various technologies has given rise to the artificial intelligence. This is considered as a threat to the existent humanity, since it plays with the creation of God. It is feared that humanity will be gradually replaced by machinery. We are vulnerable to these technologies of Transhumanism, as observed by the objectivists. Thus, different human values are now at stake. Various drugs and vaccines for better a lifespan and creativity are out there, but their effects are yet to be known.

The Transhumanist Reader, published by Max More, who is a strategic philosopher & futurist and also the founder and director of the Transhumanist Arts and Culture World Center, consists the Transhumanism’s ideas. This large volume of essays was contributed by different philosophers, scientists, writers and others involved in it. The essay states the transition of human beings which is highly debatable and a matter of concern.

It indicates that the development of technology will extremely alter the capabilities of the human beings. These modified humans will be known as Posthumans – originated from Sci-fi and something beyond the state of human. It is thought that Posthumans will live a longer and happy life, which only time can prove.

It is also said the future generation will be born with much superior qualities with greater capabilities. The technological advances are now seeing enormous progress, improving the artificial intelligence. It is also debated that there will be intangible and realistic progress towards the betterment of the human state of living. Researchers are living no stone unturned to study the human qualities as well, like sympathy, kindness, generosity, etc. for incorporating the same in their super-humans.
We have to wait and watch whether all these findings and study will bear any fruit in the future.



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