Technological Transformation from Humanism to Transhumanism

What if someone asks you what would be the first thing you would like to replace in your body? Do you think any kind of technology can make your life much better? Sounds somewhat bizarre, isn’t it? Why should I augment my body when I am fit and fine? Believe me, everything is changing, both technologically and biologically, with the new technological evolutions. The stages that have evolved due to the continuous transformation of the universe are physical interaction, chemical reaction, the biological process and now the technological evolution. In fact, the technological evolution has slowed down the process of biological evolution. The natural selection with trial and error is now being replaced by the technical selection with engineering designs. Due to the increase in the technological changes, humans are surpassing their biological limitations. Transhumanism is a philosophical and cultural movement with both descriptive and normative mechanisms.

For years, humans have been transforming themselves according to their needs in order to survive. Now, through th modern technologies, Transhumanism is doing the same. Though new to us, Transhumanism has also been continuing for thousands of years. Modifying humans from their biological way and developing more than human qualities is Transhumanism.. Nowadays, we see a lot of body implants or alteration of the brain chemistry, which are some parts of transhumanism. Transforming is just a part of it and there is in fact more to it. It is about having that “+” point to the present “Human” which can be in all aspects of our lives – mind, body and spirit.

This technological evolution is still not viewed as a progress by many people, but termed as barbaric or immoral. Having hi-tech implants or elective surgery is often considered as crazy by them. But many more are okay with having artificial food products or artificial body parts since this transformation has brought in a quality life and people’s lifespan has also increased considerably.



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