Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to Take Over ‘Narrow AI’

Artificial Intelligence has already entered the market and is yet to take a complete control over the World. AI aims to do so by having an impact on every field and sector present in this world. Ben Goertzel, claims that in the near future Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be replaced by Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Ben Goertzel is the founder of Artificial General Intelligence Society & the OpenCog project. Goertzel claimed that the present commercial applications are using “narrow AI.” By referring to narrow AI he meant those systems that perform specific tasks with efficiency and accuracy, but lack the understand of context. Such AI basically performs the task they have been designed and programmed for and can hardly differ from that information fed upon them.

AGI on the other extreme is capable of performing activities with regard to the context; thereby AGIs are more context specific. Goertzel believes that once AGI will be rapid and once it takes over AI it will lead to what Vinge, Kurzweil, and others have called a Technological Singularity.

He shared that the vision of OpenCog project is to “get to human-level AGI by 2025 (via an integrative approach, incorporating multiple AI algorithms with different strengths and weaknesses in a common neural-symbolic substrate).”

The detailed designs of the human level AGI proposed by OpenCog are available in the books Engineering General Intelligence and The AGI Revolution.  The book co- authored by Ben Goertzel and his father, ‘ The End of the Beginning’ has a dialogue about specific hypothetical scenario concerning what the human world with the superhuman AGIs would be like, included in last few pages.

These rapid advancements as far as technology is concerned, it is here to change everything including the way humans live. The superhuman AGIs are to kick start a new era altogether.



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