‘Charge’ has Unveiled Electrical, Eco-friendly Trucks

It is now accepted by everyone that technology is becoming the frontrunner. Besides, technology, environmental issues are also increasing because of inefficient utilisation of natural resources. Thereby there is a huge need for the innovators now to come up with products that balance both the environment and technology.  A company named, ‘Charge’ has come up with a truck designed with eco-friendly materials.

Businessman Denis Sverdlov, Chief Executive Officer of Charge, has released the first ever electric delivery truck built with composite materials. He stated that these trucks should be running on streets by as early as next year. Further, he explained that the team at Charge, “are making trucks the way they should be — affordable, elegant, quiet, clean and safe.”

Talking about how the idea of Charge’s truck came up he explained, “We find trucks today totally unacceptable. Loud, polluting and unfriendly.” Charge, therefore, introduced these trucks which are eco-friendly as they do not release any harmful gasses and has a silent electrical motor.

The truck introduced by Charge is an electrical vehicle made up of lightweight composite materials. Using such a material reduces the weight of the truck. The truck is open for customisation as it comes with a modular design. Moreover, the truck can be built by a single person in just four hours, claims Charge.

The charge has also installed self-driving software in the trucks while building the trucks itself. The UK government has revealed that it is ready to open its roads for self-driving cars by 2020. Hence, once the UK government’s regulations become official with regard to self- driven vehicles, the trucks can be updated instantly to self- driven technology claims Charge.

Sverdlov asserted that the company is planning to make the truck affordable so that, “every fleet manager, tradesperson or company, no matter how big or small, the opportunity to change the way they transport goods and make our towns and cities better places to live in.”

The company, Charge has plans of opening a factory in Oxfordshire in the coming year. They aim at assembling around 10,000 units in the first year of production.



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