Future is to be Marked by Improved Technology and Superhumans

Inventions and discoveries are what makes this world going. Primarily because without engaging on inventing new things life becomes monotonous and at some point even hard to live. The technology is rapidly improving with the passage of time. It has been discovered that most of the things that seem impossible on confined to fantasy will turn into reality in future.

Scientists and researchers believe that there is a parallel universe where there are other living creatures in there with superpowers like it is portrayed in sci-fi films. The 14th film of the cinematic juggernaut Marvel’s, highly anticipated film Doctor Strange depicts the alternate universe. In this movie, the leading character Strange is introduced to another universe and travels along in there.

In another major film X-Men: Apocalypse, the story revolves around the might of Apocalypse—the first mutant to carry the X-Gene. X gene is the crucial factor for having super power abilities. This is not something confined to sci- fi but can be explained using real science. As scientists claim that human DNA contains more than 20,000 genes. Some genes produce proteins like collagen and haemoglobin. It is the presence of these proteins that provide humans with a superpower, believe scientists.

The current researchers are working on if they could insert such gene- X-gene in human DNA. CRISPR/Cas is the the most popularised innovative gene-editing tool. It has been used already widely to edit the DNA of various creatures including Zebrafish and human embryo. CRISPR can thereby considered as the most revolutionizing innovation that can modify any region of the genome of any species with high precision and accuracy.

At this backdrop researchers and scientists believe that CRISPR has the ability to insert ‘superpower’ genes into humans DNA. If that could be turned into reality then the humans will have the ability to improve their level of intelligence, increasing immunity to diseases and many other superhuman feats.

Then there is graphene, which is considered to be stronger and harder than steel and diamonds. This substance can be used in bulletproof jackets making them similar to the power of Colossus from Deadpool.

With the recent technological advancements it being evident that almost everything been depicted on sci-fi films can actually be transformed into reality.




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