A Biosensing Device To Track and Monitor Complete Health: One X

Keeping a check on health is crucial to lead a balanced life. There have been many devices introduced into the market to check diet intake, exercise trackers like Fitbit and many more. A company named One X have introduced a real-time biosensing device.

In recent times, there is an increase in the workload, and people are relying on junk food at most of the times. At this backdrop taking proper diet and regular exercise is a must. The real-time biosensing device helps in monitoring every single biological act.

One X has engaged in two years of research to introduce this device. They have collaborated with science hubs like Singularity University and Exponential Science and getting input from subject matter experts in Brazil, Germany, France, and the United States.

The research project which included the device’s prototyping and its first few hundred shipments via Indiegogo is entirely funded by One X.

The device is to be held in the palm. Primarily because One X believes that the antioxidant levels in hand can reveal different habits regarding sleep, nutrition, exercise, alcohol intake, pollution, sun exposure, and stress that impacts the human body.

The device scans the hand and almost instantly reverts back the information,recommending the supplements, suggestions for food or drinks and reminding to perform necessary exercise.

The device basically requires a fingerprint to scan the antioxidant levels and produce a feedback. Thereby, this device can be used by the whole family and can lead a healthy lifestyle together. The device also enables one to compete with friends through social leaderboards. All of this is possible because of the kind of Artificial Intelligence used by One X.

The One X’s R&D is based in Germany. The leading area of research for the company is biomedical photonics. It is through this department that the new biosensing device has been introduced. The research team has put in a lot of emphasis on both the hardware and software so as to make sure that the device is user-friendly.

The biosensing device is affordable, costing around $129 and is ready for shipments in May 2017.




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