Biohacking Through Cyborg Changes Everything: Hannes Sjoblad

Cyborg is one of the incredible innovation of the technological advancements. At the Singularity University Global Summit a presentation titled, Biohacking and the Connected Body was delivered by Hannes Sjoblad, explaining the usage of cyborgs.

Hannes Sjoblad is a co-founder of the Sweden-based biohacker network Bionyfiken. He described that usage of cyborgs is increasing and that it is highly likely for one to encounter ‘cyborgs’ on a regular basis even without knowing about it.

Cyborgs come in different forms including pacemakers, smart insulin monitors, bionic eyes, and robotic arms and legs. The one’s that are directly related to health issues are referred to as ‘biohacks’.

Biohacks help people with disabilities and make their living comfortable than before. Sjoblad has asserted that biohacks help people with disability to actually experience life in a better way. HE added by claiming that biohacking is set to reshape the world. He shared, “we live in a time where, thanks to technology, we can make the deaf hear, the blind see, and the lame walk.”

Sjoblad believes that health is the primary field that cyborgs can be useful and relevant. A chip using wireless technology, attached to an ingestible smart pill, can help monitor the status of the body. The doctors can witness the reactions of the body to the medications and treatment with maximum accuracy. It enables the doctors to understand if the body is actually showing any results to the treatment.

Security is another field that can benefit from cyborg technology. Cyborg can be attached to certain devices so as to ensure the safety of any kind. Unlocking smartphones using fingerprint is one such application where personal information is secured. Similarly, scholars believe that such technology can be used to reduce crimes and other concerned issues.

Sjoblad showed how small microchips enabled with advanced cyborg technology can change everyone’s life. It revolutionises the way the life is at present.

Cyborg in the form of biohacking is a lot advantageous. It is important to encourage studies in this direction.



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