A Black Hole is a Vast, Matter- Annihilating Objects With Intensity

A Black hole has become an important area of study and analysis, as they hold the clue about time travel. Black holes by their very existence defy physics.

Black holes are huge in size, matter- annihilating objects. Black holes initially seemed so fanatical that Albert Einstein believed that the concept of black holes is implausible to be real when he proposed his special and general relativity theories.

Nevertheless, the concept of black holes is widely believed to be a reality. Certain researchers even claim that any matter can transform into a black hole provided that it manages to crush it beyond its Schwarzschild radius.

The Schwarzschild radius is the radius of a sphere. The escape velocity from the surface of the sphere would equal the speed of light given that the mass of an object was to be compressed within that sphere.

For the sun to become a black hole, it needs to resized into the size of a small town. While the Earth has to be resized to the size of a peanut.

Such a conception of the existence of black hole helps in realizing the size and intensity of black holes discovered. The black hole XTE J1650-500 which is about the size of Manhattan city contains the mass of three or four of our Suns. Nevertheless, it is considered the smallest ‘destroyer of worlds’.

The mid- sized black holes, which includes M82 X-1 is the size of Mars. It contains the mass of around 1,000 Suns. This reveals the intensity that the supermassive black holes possess, which are yet to be discovered.

The supermassive black holes are supposed to contain the mass of some 20 billion Suns with immense abilities. These supermassive black holes are believed to at the center of almost every massive galaxy discovered to date.

The study and analysis of black holes have thereby gained momentum, as they also withhold the secrets of time- travel.




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