Tesla P100 by Nvidia is the biggest chip with 15 billion transistors

Every technological gadget and machines rely on chips to perform its operations and activities. One of the leading company, Nvidia has recently announced the launch of Tesla P100 , a data centre accelerator of 15 billion transistor chip. It is specifically designed for deep learning AI technology.

Nvidia has made the announcement regarding Tesla P100 at the GPU conference held in San Jose, California.

Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO has asserted that Tesla P100 is the world’s largest chip till date with 15 billion transistors on a single chip. He further added that this chip has the ability to perform deep learning neural network tasks 12 times faster than the company’s previous top-end system.

Huang has stated that building chips for enabling deep learning of AI as Nvidia’s fastest growing business.

Nvidia has released two chips prior Tesla P100, Tesla M4 and Tesla M40. These chips have received huge demand in the market that it led Nvidia to produce Tesla P100 in huge numbers.

Huang on the similar lines of production explained, “This is the largest FinFET chip that has ever been done.” FinFET refers to “Fin Field Effect Transistor,” a type of transistor whose non-planar design allows more computing power to be crammed into smaller spaces.

Nvidia’s Tesla P100 is compatible and can work for all sorts of high- performance computing tasks. Nvidia in its previous projects has mainly engaged in developing chips for workstations and gaming software. Tesla P100 can be seen as a trendsetter in the history of Nvidia as it has taken a  diversified path by moving from gaming zone to data centres and deep- learning technology.

Huang discussing the immense abilities of Tesla P100 said, “Computers powered by deep learning can do tasks that we can’t imagine writing software for.” “Deep Learning isn’t just a field or an app. It’s way bigger than that. So, our company has gone all in for it.”



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